Texas: John Ramirez to be executed Oct. 5 – But prosecutor opposes executions!

The U.S. state of Texas plans to execute John Ramirez, who was sentenced to death for murder, by lethal injection on Oct. 5, 2022. Ramirez allegedly killed a man, along with two accomplices, in 2004.
District Attorney Mark Gonzalez is seeking to withdraw the execution order for John Ramirez, calling the death penalty “unethical.”

In 2004, John Ramirez was allegedly involved in a robbery of Pablo Castro. Ramirez himself allegedly killed the victim. He and his accomplices were looking for money to buy drugs. Ramirez subsequently fled and was not arrested until 2008 and he was sentenced to death in 2009. No exculpatory evidence was presented in the process, what was allegedly initiated by himself in this way. Ramirez also tried to hasten his execution.

Ramirez wrote a letter to Judge Galvan stating why he wished to waive appeal: “I hope justice will be served for the family and friends of Pablo Castro in a speedy fashion… They’ve waited long enough!”

He also told a psychologist that life on death row was unbearable, a life of boredom, and really just a garbage life. The psychologist explained that Ramirez reported being frustrated, depressed, and bitter, and that he assumed Ramirez would view his appeals differently if he were not so depressed.

He said to the psychologist:: “But why stall the inevitable? It’s on their terms… I’d understand if I had support, (someone to) just show me you care … I prefer to go on my own terms. It’s a personal choice, not like I’m being forced to the decision.” – He is not afraid of death and talked about finding God.

Now Ramirez has decided he doesn’t want to die, as he learned that he has a half-sister who would like to meet him and who is asking him to stay alive.

However, his efforts to overturn the sentence have so far been unsuccessful and he already had an execution date in February 2017, but because his lawyer had left him, he was granted a stay to find new defense counsel.

Another execution date for Aug. 14, 2020, was postponed because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Also on and Sept. 08, 2021, the U.S. state wanted to assassinate in. This time, that attempt failed because of a lawsuit filed by Ramirez over the fact that he was not allowed to have a clergyman bless him by laying on of hands during the execution. The state’s refusal to allow Pastor Moore to bless Ramirez by laying on of hands while he was dying violated his First Amendment rights to freely practice his religion, Ramirez said.

The Supreme Court now ruled in the spring of 2022 that Texas must allow the pastor of the prisoner sentenced to death to touch him and pray for him during his execution. As a result, the execution date was set for Oct. 5, 2022.

Mark Gonzales

Nueces County District Attorney Mark Gonzalez, however, has filed a motion for a stay of execution because he believes that neither Ramirez, nor anyone at all, should be executed because he believes executions are “unethical.” Gonzales writes in his motion: “The undersigned District Attorney for Nueces County has the firm belief that the death penalty is unethical and should not be imposed on Mr. Ramirez or any other person while the undersigned occupies the office in question,” Gonzalez wrote in the April 14, 2022 motion to withdraw the order setting the execution. “The Assistant District Attorney who most recently moved for an execution date in this cause was not aware of my desire in this matter and did not consult me prior to moving for an execution date.”


Petition für John Ramirez

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What insanity… What a brave prosecutor to stand up to the vengeful death machine in Texas… What mistreatment of the condemned man who has faced three execution dates and now faces the 4th…
Yes, that is exactly what is “unethical.” It is unethical to lock people up, sometimes for decades, knowing that they will eventually be executed. It is unethical to murder people in the name of justice and revenge. It is unethical to designate people to kill the condemned and thereby make them murderers. Yes, and it is unethical to do this traumatizing madness to all the people close to the prisoner.
We bow to this district attorney who is on the side of life with his ethics and is trying to put an end to state murder

Peter K.


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