IHfL publishes words and paintings by Richard Rhodes from Florida death row

We are pleased to present texts and paintings by Richard Rhodes on our website. In addition to his fantastically beautiful paintings, which we display on the site, Richard writes about his life on death row, which he has endured since 1985.
He writes to us about it:

Richard Rhodes (aka Muggy)

If the DOC* doesn’t like it , to bad… What are they going to do , arrest me ? Convict me ? Put me on death row ?
There’s and old saying , ” A MAN WHO HAS NOTHING , HAS NOTHING TO LOSE…” The truth has everything to be gained , and all I have left to me are my words…

*(Department of Corrections)

Richard Rhodes (aka Muggy)

This new website will be updated again and again and in the course of time will certainly contain many contributions from him. So it’s worth to have a look every now and then and discover new things.

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